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24-Hour Hotline: (907) 222-1991
Outside Anchorage: (888) 525-1991

"Internet Only" Special!

Mention that you heard about us from this website and we'll give you a $129.00 flat fee for all labor (per computer / visit). Parts extra.

Why should you choose us?

Here are a few reasons direct from the mouths (or fingers) of our clients!

ďI run a theatre/film production company, a global water company, a statewide veteranís foundation; and two veteran service organizations.† If my computer is down Iím in trouble.† Who have I called for the past 9 years?† Alaska Computer Doctor.† Why?† Because I know they will be in my office as soon as possible and will fix the problems - and Iím never worried about the bill.† Itís just that simple.Ē -- Ric Davidge

One thing I love about working with computers is the challenge of trying something new and the elated feeling of accomplishment when everything works. Unfortunately, I have a habit of tweaking things to the point of no return. Talk about frustration! Thatís when I am really happy to have Computer doctors a phone call away. They have always been able to correct my trial and error mistakes. Iíve even had them to build a computer just for me. It is really great to have IT people who, after they look at your computer, you know it will work. Thatís the geeks at Alaska Computer Doctors! -- Paula J. Anderson